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Drain Clearance & Drain Repairs in Twickenham

Based in Tadworth, Surrey, we serve south London, as well as the wider Surrey area. At DTS Drainage, our experienced team is proud to offer a professional service to all domestic and commercial clients in Twickenham. We specialise in drain clearing and treatment, as well as installing new drains and linings. With more than 30 years of experience and a membership with the Guild of Master Craftsmen, we have the knowledge to serve you effectively. Choose us for an amazing service today.

Our Services

Covering Surrey and South London, we carry out diagnostic scans and remedial work. We install new drains or linings, and offer a variety of other services including:

CCTV surveys

CCTV surveys are useful when buying a house, finding out who has responsibility for drains, repeated blockages.

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Drain Cleaning

Based in Tadworth, Surrey, we specialise in drain cleaning and repairs. If you’ve got blocked drains, then we’re here to help. No matter the cause of the disruption,

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Drain Repairs

Our specialist team has the skills and knowledge to undertake all aspects of drain repairs. When you need experienced experts, choose DTS Drainage.

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Drain Cleaning
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Are Your Drains Blocked?

There are several warning signs to indicate that your drains could be blocked. These include:

  • Toilet or Sink Waste Not Draining Away or Draining Slowly
  • Liquid Seeping out from underneath the Drain Cover or Gully
  • Bad Smells around Drain Covers
  • Gurgling Sounds Coming from the Toilet

Don't Let Blockages Drain Your Cash!

Clearing blocked drains before serious issues arise could save you a lot of money. By staying on top of things, you save having to have the system repaired further down the line. It could also save you the time and effort that you would have to put into clearing up if the system overflowed.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

This is a fast and effective way of cleaning blocked drains, toilets, sewerage pipes, interceptor tanks, and grease traps. It is also an efficient alternative for clearing or cleaning blocked drains at commercial properties.


In addition to jet washing, we provide a thorough drain descaling service for the jobs where water jetting may not be enough. In most industrial and commercial environments, blockages are often caused by the long-term deposit of substances such as grease and detergents. While these deposits are difficult to remove, our descaling service is designed to tackle hard-to-shift residues.

Drain Repair
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Drain Lining

Drain lining is a cost-efficient, non-structural alternative to having drains or pipes repaired. The lining of pipes often saves money because it is cheaper than digging up drains. This process involves inserting a fibre liner into existing drain pipes. This liner is then impregnated with resin, forming a new pipe once it’s hardened.

Drain Replacement

In addition to drain repair and lining, our specialists fit and install new domestic and light industrial drainage systems. We specialise in the installation of both foul and surface water drains. Whether you’re looking to re-route your drains or install a brand-new drainage system, our team has the knowledge and skill to fulfil your requirements.

Utilising Our Skills

The CCTV drain surveys that we carry out are a great way to gain an insight into your drain problems. This means that we’re able to decide on the best course of action, whether this is lining, replacement, or grouting.

Why Choose Us?

We are a well-established, local business with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Our customers benefit from competitive prices, high attention to detail, and our great work ethic. We are also members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.