All You Need To Know About The Home Drainage System

If you don’t want the drains and water pipes in your house to stop working suddenly, include maintenance of drains in your home maintenance schedule. Taking care of the water pipes is very important as you can’t cook or clean in the absence of water. If you can identify the type of pipe in your house, maintaining them becomes easy. If any issue arises, make sure to get it repaired or replaced by an experienced plumber before it’s too late.

4 Types Of Drain Pipes Installed in Homes

  • Cast Iron

It is a very old material used to make vertical drains in pre-1960 homes. Later, they were also used to make vent stacks and horizontal drains. One of the main reasons why cast iron got replaced with more durable material is because it was prone to rusting. If you ever notice that the cast iron pipes in your house have rusted, hire a drain maintenance specialist and replace the corroded pipes with plastic piping.

  • Galvanised Steel

Though galvanised steel is a very strong material, they generally don’t last for more than 50 years. Plumbers replace pipes made using galvanised steel with plastic piping once they start corroding.

  • ABS

One of the primary benefits of plastic piping is that they are very affordable and repairing them is also quite easy when compared with metal piping. ABS was the first plastic piping variety used in residential buildings. Though the surface was rust-proof, the material was not very durable. Some builders even restricted using ABS pipes while constructing new homes.

  • PVC

PVC is the most preferred material when it comes to residential drain pipes. It is ruling the industry from the last 40 years. The plastic variety is light-coloured and very durable. They are capable of resisting harsh elements and so the demand for this piping material is always very high.

Replace CPVC Pipes With Ease

The primary difference between PVC and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes is that the latter has an added dose of chlorine. This makes the pipes suitable for tap water. CPVC Pipes are widely preferred by builders as repairing them is quite easy. Professionals offering drain repairs just have to replace the damaged portions using handsaws and re-fit new pipes using adhesive. You can make home maintenance easy by installing CPVC pipes. They don’t even pose any threat to the quality of tap water. The only disadvantage is that they are unrecyclable. If the damage is a minor one, repair the pipe instead of replacing it.

Identify The Pipes In Your House

People start assessing the condition of the pipes in their house once a plumbing or water issue arises. Unless you have prior experience in repairing pipes, identifying the pipe material might become a challenge. Enhancing your knowledge about the types of pipes in your plumbing system is a must if you want to understand the cause of the problem. Though the four types of materials stated above and mainly used to make residential pipes, you might also find a few homes where different types of pipes are linked together. This is why hiring an experienced drain repair professional is a wise choice than trying a DIY.