Domestic Drain Clogged by Hair? Follow these Useful Clearance Tips

If you are a homeowner, you may admit that keeping your home in fine shape is highly challenging. From the rooms to the exteriors, every nook and cranny of the property should be sparkling clean. However, you may face some problems keeping the drains of your property free from any problems.

How to Clean the Drain?

The main issue with drains is keeping them well maintained and perfectly clean. Many items pass through the bathroom and kitchen sink of your home, which ultimately end up in the drainage system and block it. One of the recurrent problems is drain blockage due to hair strands.

Ways to Clear Hair Clogs in Drains:

Drain clearance in Banstead, especially the one clogged with hair, is nothing short of a challenge. Cleaning it is a big task for the plumbers as well as homeowners. Here, you can get some tips guiding you about the things to do when you observe drain blockage due to the accumulation of hair.

Pull the Hairs out with Tweezers:

It is a basic method by which you can get rid of the overflowing drain in your home. Just pull out the pile of hair with tweezers or similar equipment. This will be effective if the drain is not much deep. It is a DIY method, so don’t forget to wear gloves and take precautions that protect your personal hygiene.

Apply Vinegar and Baking Soda:

Vinegar and baking soda is an effective mixture that can remove nearly all types of clogs. Hair clog is not an exception. To try this method, you should first apply some drops of a dishwasher or other soap to the source of the drain. After that, put a generous amount of vinegar, followed by a cup of baking soda. Wait for five minutes and clear it with a tumble or warm water. This would eliminate the issue perfectly.

Get Help from a Professional:

DIY Methods can only work if the drainage issue has not affected the system deeply. However, in case of larger problems, you need help from a professional drain clearance company. They can perform the work quickly and effectively, where you don’t have to worry about clearing the mess in your drain.

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