Few Tips To Keep Your Drains Clear During Winter

The importance of drain clearance and unblocking enhances drastically during winter as no one wants to deal with a faulty plumbing system. Winter is all about snow, frost and cold weather. All these can block the drains and damage the plumbing system in your property. You will be surprised to know that drainage systems and winter pipes become more vulnerable during winter. If you want to keep the drainage system in top working condition without any fault, you should know how to avoid the common winter drainage problem.

Tips To Avoid The Common Drainage Problems In Winter

Inspect The Drains

The rain, leaves and frost accompanying autumn and winter can block the drains. You might find branches, twigs and leaves in the drain. If you fail to clear the drains at the right time, it might lead to back-ups in the drainage system and you will notice water overflowing outside your home or business. Hire a plumbing expert to check all the pipes in your house, including the downpipes and gutters. The best time to conduct a drain inspection is late autumn.

Avoid Drain Blockages

An easy way you can avoid nasty blockages during winter is by ensuring not to pour oils and fats down the sink or drain in your house. When oils and fats cool down, they form a coating inside the pipes. They keep on accumulating and increase the chances of a blockage. Instead of pouring hot oil and fat down the sink, let them cool and dispose of them in the bin. If you still notice a drain blockage, get in touch with a reputed company for drain clearance in Kingston.

Look For Leaks And Drips

Inspect the plumbing system frequently during winter to ensure there are no dripping taps and outlets. Water can freeze easily when released slowly. Hire a plumber who will assess the condition of the drain and let you know whether you can solve the issue with drain lining services. If you don’t want to worry about pipe leakage or tree roots intruding on the pipes, seal them completely. The plumber can even share a few tips to avoid drain leaks and drips.

Follow the tips stated above and get in touch with the drain clearance experts at DTS Drainage to keep your drainage system in good condition during winter.