How to Avoid Drain Blockage – 5 Simple Tips

Nothing can be more irritating than a blocked drain in your house. It not only creates terrible smell inside the house; it can produce various health hazards for your loved ones and damage the entire plumbing system of your home. Hence, you should try to avoid the situation where you need to call the experts for Drain Clearance in Twickenham to clear the clogged drain.

Yes, it is possible to avoid such a situation if you know how to prevent drain blockage. There are few simple tips that you should follow as a homeowner, and your drain can be saved from getting clogged, and the hygiene of your home can be maintained well.

Tips to Avoid Drain Clogging

  • Be Careful about Grease

Liquid fats and oils may seem innocent when they are getting into the drain, but soon the grease present in them becomes cool down, sticky and take the shape of a solid mass which can create obstacles inside the pipe. It stops the path of the other liquid and other objects to pass through the pipeline, which can cause clogging of the drain.

  • Be Careful about Hair

No one throws hair inside the sink purposely. But while washing your hair in the bathroom, the hair will fall, and that will make its way through the drain. Now, hair cannot pass the drain smoothly. They get tangled inside the drain and create a blockage which can cause severe drain clogging issues for you. So, try to avoid this kind of build-up. Install mesh screens over all the drains. You must have this screen for your shower and bathroom to prevent clogging caused by hair.

  • Avoid Throwing Food Waste

Always remember that your sink is not your bin. So, refrain yourself and your family members from throwing food items inside the sink, especially the smaller ones that may seem easy to pass through the drain but create clogging later inside the same. The build-up of food particles can create significant issues when the pipes are not cleaned for a long time. Choose your food waste bin to dispose of the foods, but never throw them inside the sink; not even a tiny coffee bean.

  • Clean the Drain Regularly

To avoid the unexpected issues in the drains of your house, you must consider cleaning it at least once a month. This should not take much time. There are tools and materials available that you can buy and use for DIY drain cleaning. Know about the right use of them and start cleaning the drains once in a month.

  •   Take Experts Help

If you have no time or think that drain cleaning is tedious, then call the experts of Drain Clearance in Twickenham. These professionals have the right skill, proper tools, and vast experience to execute the job perfectly. Your drains will be cleaned, and clogging will be removed to offer you a healthy and functional drainage system.

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