One of the biggest challenges people face is locating the primary source of the problem in the drainage system. Whether it belongs to the home or a commercial property, drain and sewer systems are highly complex. While they ensure efficient and smooth wastewater management, you should survey and inspect it from time to time. You can also consult professionals for effective CCTV Drain Surveys.

What is a Drain Survey?

This technique is utilised in the professional drainage and plumbing industry to investigate and assess the drain pipes, damage repair or clog repair for underground sewers etc. 

Most people opt for it while buying a new property, to check an extensive integrated public drainage system etc. With a CCTV drain survey, the technicians can clearly identify the significant problem areas like ingrown trees and plant roots, clogged sewer, blacked drains, fracture in the pipes, a collapsed system or more. With a proper drainage survey, the operatives can confirm about the drain condition, determining accurately where the problem lies and how to solve it.   

The Use of a CCTV Camera

The reputable drainage companies make the best use of their available resources, and one of them is the CCTV camera to inspect drains and pipes. The plumbers or experts have work license and proper documentation to execute these services without disrupting regular lives. They have valuable tools and the latest CCTV camera equipment to inspect the drains besides training and experience to execute these tasks efficiently. Professional CCTV cameras determine big and complex drainage issues to check the free water flow. This way, they resolve common drainage problems for an effective outcome.  


How Does The CCTV Camera Work?

The trained operatives put the camera through the manhole by using a rodding eye and or a rodding cap. Next, they move it through the pipeline and capture live images to assess the inner workings of the drain correctly. During the entire journey time of the camera, it will keep information about the overall travelling distance, besides taking still images. This way, the operator can take accurate readings and formulate the best solutions whenever there is any repair work. 

Equipment Used In CCTV Surveys

The list of other equipment used in the process of CCTV drainage surveying include the following – 

  • Cameras – The professional company will use state of the art CCTV camera to get live images and updates of the entire process. It helps bring a clear view of the insides of the drain, including those areas which are otherwise very difficult to see.  
  • Access rods – The rods are incredibly flexible, which the operatives utilise to push the camera inside the drain. This way, they can easily navigate small and tight corners, obtain images from even a millimetre space.   
  • Crawlers – There are remote controlled crawlers that the operatives use to get quick visual access to the dark parts of the sewer pipes, made possible because of their swift mobility. 
  • Sonar – These are mainly used for filled pipes, where the technicians get an insight into the condition of the pipelines along with complete visual access. 

Benefits of CCTV drainage survey

They offer the following advantages – 

  • Accuracy 
  • Time Management 
  • Minimal damage 

Consult DTS Drainage for high-quality CCTV drain surveys and other bespoke services. Avail the best outcome from the trained team of operatives to avoid future drain blockage, get help with household extensions and property investigation etc.