Prevent Clogged Drains In The Spring With 5 Easy Tips

Every homeowner will agree with the fact that dealing with a clogged drain is quite frustrating. Just one blocked drain can halt your entire day. The easiest way to deal with the situation is by calling a plumber offering drain clearance services. An experienced professional can also share a few tips to avoid clogs in the plumbing system. They even feel that the best time to assess the condition of the plumbing system is before spring. It will help you prevent clogged drains during the season. You don’t have to meet with stagnant water when brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

Few Tips To Avoid Clogged Drains In The Spring

  • Look For Roots Near The Drains

Strong root growths are one of the primary reasons behind clogged drains in summer and spring. Major blockages can take place in the drains if root enters the plumbing system. Get in touch with experienced plumbers to deal with this seasonal problem. They generally suggest their clients to invest in water jetting before spring starts. The purpose of the process is to use water to erupt the intrusive roots and end the clog before they block the drain. 

  • Keep Away Human Hair

Keep a track on everything going down the drain as they can blog it. You will be surprised to know that human hair though being quite simple to look at are considered as one of the worst enemies for a clog. Make sure you throw the fallen hair strands in the garbage after combing. You can also put a towel in the sink to prevent bread trimmings from entering the drain. 

  • Install Drain Screens

Plumbers always suggest their clients to install drain screens as they prevent unwanted items from flowing down the drains and blocking them. Even the tiniest item can flow into the depth of the drains, get stuck and clog it. Drain screens are handy appliances ideal for trapping items of every dimension. Though water can smoothly flow through them, they can trap even the smallest item.

  • Inspect Water Damages

Winter damages in drains are very common so inspect them minutely before the arrival of spring. There are high chances for sections of your pipes to freeze and get damaged by ice. These sections can become clogged during spring as water usage is generally higher during this season. Once winter ends, get in touch with an experienced plumber for drain clearance in Redhill.

  • Look For Symptoms

Experienced plumbers are aware of all the symptoms indicating a drain clog. Few of them are erratic draining rates, slow draining, gurgling or backflow from the drains. If you ever feel that a clog is developing in your plumbing system, ask them to inspect the drain. Plumbing issues can become complicated with the passage of time if you leave them unattended. 

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and preventing clogged drains in spring will become easier.