Imagining a household without proper drainage and sewer system is almost next to impossible. It is an integral part of modern domestic living, and you should not take it for granted. While the homeowners can undertake effective and quick strategies to avoid the problem of blocked drains, if the problem aggravates and persists for long, they should immediately call professional services to resolve the drainage issue.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Drain Blockage Problem

Prevention is better than cure. The homeowners can abide by these simple preventive and proactive steps to avoid recurrent drainage issues and be better equipped to prevent blockages effectively.   

1. Fat 

Fat from the kitchen food and greases are one of the major causative factors behind drain blockage. Once it gets into the drainage pipes, it becomes cold and starts to thicken rapidly. Over time, it starts to form into a sticky solid mess, clinging to the pipelines and clogging it.  

You can instead use a fat trap to pour all the waste oils down the drain. Most appropriately, you can throw it away in your green recycling bin for safe disposal without causing any added nuisance anywhere.

2. Food Waste

Tea leaves and coffee grinds look harmless when you effortlessly pour them down the sink. However, it causes severe damage to the entire drainage system beginning with the pipelines. So we suggest you discard them in the waste bin instead of randomly throwing them down the drain. By undertaking this habit, you can prevent clogging without incurring any additional expenses. 

3. Hair 

Both pet hair and human hair are vital clogging factors. We encounter this problem almost every day while showering. The simplest way to prevent this problem is to put on mesh screens, particularly at the place of the shower or bath drains. It is designed to trap all the waste, including hair. You can also make a habit of cleaning or emptying out the drain mesh daily.

Besides these, some other precautionary steps that you can undertake are as follows –  

Acting immediately once you signals of a clogged drain 

  • Put a lint trap at the end of the drain hose of the washing machine. 
  • Stop dumping trash that can cause potential hazards after you throw them down the drain.   
  • Inculcate the good habit of cleaning the drain pipes or consult professional services. Consult DTS Drainage for their advanced Drain blockage cleaning and repair services at cost-effective price rates. Their team specialises in drain cleaning and treatment for commercial and domestic properties.