Why Should You Not Use Liquid Drain Clearance Agents?

Cleaning the drain is an all-important task that you should perform regularly. Though it is better to take the help of a well-known professional cleaner, certain issues might prompt you to solve them on your own.

DIY Attempts for Clearing Drains:

Surely, you may not have the specialised equipment and cleaning agents used by a professional cleaner. You may need to use household remedies or easy-to-get cleaning products to eliminate the blockage and other issues. However, it is widely advisable not to use liquid cleaning agents.

Reasons to Avoid Using Liquid Cleaners for Drain Clearance:

The liquid cleaning agents are primarily made of chemicals that can harm your drain. Using them for drain clearance in Kingston can cause several damages. More about these are discussed in this blog.

Corrosive, Dangerous Cleaning Agents:

Apart from affecting the drains, liquid cleaning agents can affect your health too. Acids are extremely reactive and can scald or burn your skin, if not used properly. The reaction between the chemical and the drain can produce a toxic gas, which is extremely harmful to breathe. When you use these liquid agents, you also have to invest your money in buying safety gear. These include gloves, eye protection and face masks.

Unsuitable for Permanent Solution:

If you think that liquid cleaning agents will offer you a permanent solution to a clear drain, you are thinking it wrong. Surely, the liquid cleaner will keep the drain unclogged for a few days or weeks. But after that, you may face the same problem and apply it again. It is better to call in a drain cleaning professional than to follow a routine of cleaning the drains.

Chemical Damage to Pipes:

The chemical composition of the cleaning agent is corrosive. It can react with other materials and can dissolve them completely. So, if you have a drainage pipe system made of plastic, it is better to avoid using that for cleaning. The pipes will gradually degrade from the reaction of these chemicals and wear away. This will add more misery to your problem as you have to replace your household pipe system.

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