3 Serious Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make during Drain Clearance

Clogged drains are a serious problem when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness or hygiene of your home. Also, they can lead to serious plumbing issues such as cracks in the plumbing lines, flooded basements or bathrooms. Hence, if you are focused on maintaining the structural integrity of your home, clogged drains are a big No which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Hiring the experts of drain clearance in Banstead is the most ideal option for you as managing this time-consuming job on your own can be quite difficult.

Here in this blog, some of the most common types of mistakes mostly made while cleaning the drains are discussed hereby.

Improper plunging

Though we might find plunging to be quite an easy job, it actually requires the necessary skills and expertise to do the job efficiently. Plungers are typically used as effective tools for household drain cleaning. However, one must know about the different types, their purpose and application to ensure the expected result is obtained. For instance, you need to differentiate between a toilet plunger and a sink plunger and the various techniques of using the same.

Extensive use of harsh chemicals

Most of the chemicals used for cleaning the drains are toxic. And pouring them onto the sink or inside the pipe to clean all the build-ups in the blocked drains can permanently damage the plumbing system. Hence, you must consult the experts before using them to avoid any kind of damage or harm to the structural integrity of drains.

Use of hose

Though a hose can prove to be effective in washing out and removing all the build-ups in the drains, they can prove to be extremely damaging too. Blocked drains mostly don’t have sufficient passage to allow the water to pass and can’t even withstand the pressure of water. This is how your drains can severely get damaged by using a hose.

The final thoughts

Last but not least, though you can find several DIY videos on drain clearance and get plenty of tools and equipment to do the task on your own, it’s always ideal to call for professional help. Using the DIY tools on your own might prove to be damaging if they aren’t handled in the right way.

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