Drain Clearance Basics: How to Prevent Grease Build Up on Pipes?

The household pipelines are directly connected to the drainage system of your property. A perfectly functioning drainage system is necessary for the proper drainage of liquid waste like sewage water. However, daily cooking activities may contribute to drain clogging in certain ways.

Primary Reasons for Fat Accumulation in Pipes:

In the UK, dairy and meat are some common kinds of foods that most people consume daily. These contain a certain amount of fat, which, when cooked, converts into grease. Now, the homeowner generally strains them out through the kitchen sink to clear off that grease. This causes grease build-up on the pipelines, creating a major drainage problem.

Ways to Protect Your Pipes from Grease Build-Up:

If you suffer from such a problem, you must immediately call a drain clearance in Sutton. They can provide easy remedies and return the efficiency of the household drainage system. Here is more about the ways to prevent grease build-up on your domestic pipeline.

Don't Strain Down the Fat:

It is a basic tip that can keep your pipe intact and save it from getting prematurely damaged. The pipes get clogged due to the long practice of straining down greasy substances through them. You can scrape the oil and grease from the plates before doing the dish. Throw it inside the dustbin; it will ultimately be treated by the waste management systems. You can also use a grease-dissolving cleaner before washing them.

Hot Water and Vinegar:

You might be doing your dishes wrong if you use normal water to wash them. A portion of the fat still remains, which may go down your pipeline and result in grease build-up, which causes blockage. Mix equal parts of hot water and vinegar to wash the excess fat off your dish. It is a natural way of preventing grease build-up.

Grease Cutting Soap:

These are specialised dishwashing soaps that specifically eliminate grease and fat. The soap can break down the grease molecules and provide better assistance to you in tackling it. The mixture of grease-dissolving soap and hot water, when run through the pipes, can also be effective in maintaining the health of the drainage system.

These are the most effective ways of preventing grease build-up on your pipe. However, if the situation is out of your hand, and you need a professional's help in drain clearance in Sutton, contact DTS Drainage. We are a knowledgeable team of drain cleaners who can help to unclog your drain. For more details, visit our website today.