5 Items that You Should Never Throw inside the Drain

Drains are one of the most significant aspects of the plumbing system of a property. Be it a commercial building or a residential one; a clean and clear drain can ensure a long life of the entire plumbing system, as well as the accessories, use in the same. Whenever you find your drain is clogged or blocked, you need to hire the drain clearance experts to get rid of the situation as soon as possible.

However, as we all know, “prevention is better than cure”; you need to know what items you should never throw inside your drain that can cause blockage inside. If you know about them and refrain yourself from doing so, then you can easily avoid that clogged drain issue in your property after every three or four months.

Things Your Drain Should Not Have


Not the big ones, but the grounded up eggshells can cause a big problem inside the drain. They are responsible for the slow-building clogs inside the kitchen drains or inside the kitchen sink’s pipe, which can cause a severe issue in future. So, throw them in the bins instead of the sink.

Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves

They may seem innocent, but they have a vital role in creating clogging inside the drains. Never throw them inside the sink, considering them small enough to pass easily through the pipes. They do not flush away like the liquids and can support clogging inside the pipelines, which can lead to severe clogging inside the drain.

Grease and Oil

Stop throwing used oil or grease into the sink. These items can cause serious damage to the pipelines as well as the drain. Oil or grease seems liquid enough to pass through the drain when they are hot, but after reaching a point inside the drain, they get cool down, and the problem will be started from there. That solid oil and grease will create obstructions for the liquid and other items to pass smoothly through the drain. This will be a big reason for drain clogging.

Product’s Stickers

They may look tiny, but their effects are not. A bit of adhesive that is used at the back of those stickers can cause big damage to the drains and become responsible for drain clogs. Throw them in the garbage box instead of the sink to avoid clogging

Paper Towels

Paper towels and wipes are not meant for throwing inside the sink because they are thicker and more durable than the toiler papers; hence, you cannot expect them to pass smoothly through the drain. Instead of passing; they remain inside the drain for a long period and cause the blockage.

Whenever you find clogging or blockage in the drain, you should not delay calling the experts. You may try to clean it on your own; but for the better result and long-lasting effects, you should take the help of the professionals of drain clearance

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