Don’t Want A Clogged Drain? Keep These Items Away

Dumping anything down the drain except water is a very serious offence as it can clog it.  If you want to work towards a healthier environment and prevent clogged drains, there are a few items you should not definitely put down the drain. It is also your responsibility to get in touch with a plumber the moment you notice a clogged drain in your house. Neglecting the issue can complicate them even further.

7 Items You Should Avoid Putting Down The Drain

  • Pasta – Leftover pasta? Make sure you don’t throw them down the kitchen sink. They contain semolina which can swell when flushed down the kitchen sink. Not only will they block your drains but even lead to future plumbing issues. It is also advisable to try some organic items instead of those coagulating substances.
  • Rice – There are higher chances for the rice to swell and block the kitchen drain if you allow cooked or dry grains to run down the drain. They absorb water over time and become bigger. They also take a long time to dissolve in water which can clog the drain. Organic rice can filter through pipes instead of harming them.
  • Egg Shells – If you don’t want excess granular waste in your drains, keep egg shells away from it. They are a threat to other waste items in your pipes as they collect on them. The easiest way to deal with egg shells is by recycling them. Decorate them during Easter instead of throwing them down the kitchen sink and blocking the pipes.
  • Coffee Grounds – Every experienced plumber offering Drain Clearance in Kingston will agree with the fact that coffee grounds are one of the worst items you can throw down your drains. They are responsible for blocking drains all over the world as people rinse and wash their coffee mugs before disposing of the grounds in the garage. Just like egg shells, you can compost coffee grounds instead of throwing them away.
  • Cooking Oil – Did you just throw away the excess cooking oil down the drain? Stay prepared to face a drain blockage. It is easier for cooking oil to create a blockage in your drain as they mix with other waste. Instead of flushing them down the drain, store it so that you can re-use it to cook some other dish. You will be surprised to know that cooking oil, grease and other fats contribute to around 50% of the sewage flowing in the world.
  • Motor Oil – If not only about cooking oil or animal fat, you should also keep transmission fluids, motor oil and other chemicals away from your drains. Pouring them down the drain is illegal in many countries as they cause much environmental damage. You should not even pour them down the sewer or storm drain in the street. There are numerous places where you can bring used motor oil for recycling.
  • Animal Faeces – Two primary reasons why you should not put animal faeces down the drain is because they can clog it and attract harmful bacteria and vermin. There are a few people who flush cat litter down the drain as they are not aware of the fact that they carry harmful parasites. There are disposal units in every city where you can dump pet waste in a sustainable way.

These being said, you now know the items you should not put down the drain if you want to avoid a clogged drain.