Checkout Few Drain Clearance Tips For Fall

The demand for drain clearance experts is quite high during Fall as the season is considered the ideal time to get rid of the accumulated debris. The objective is to prevent them from getting blocked or clogged. You can also avoid the common plumbing problems homeowners have to face during winter. Experienced plumbers know how to prevent the water heater from malfunctioning and deal with freezing pipes. Fall is the best season to repair the faulty pipes as it might become a challenge during winter. Even if you can’t avoid the plumbing issues by cleaning the drains, the chances of developing a leaky or clogged pipe will reduce.

3 Tips For Drain Clearance In Richmond During Fall

Clean The Strainers

The primary task of the drain strainer is to prevent hair, food bits, or other foreign material from entering the pipe and blocking it. They act as the first line of defense. You can easily remove the mesh or plastic strainer by twisting and pulling them upwards. If you have installed a stainless steel filter, you have to first unscrew it. You should clean the filters at least once every month. Please get rid of the food bits and hair stuck on them. You can also use old toothbrushes to scrub and remove the grime and mineral buildup.

Use The Old Wire Hangers

You can transform the old wire hangers into your plumber snakes instead of throwing them away. Though you can’t expect them to work as efficiently as the actual plumber snakes used by professionals, you can use them to get rid of mineral buildup from the pipes. Pull the hanger up and down the pipes to unclog them. If you don’t know how to use the old hire hangers to clean the drains, contact a reputed company for drain clearance in Richmond.

Prepare Homemade Pipe Cleaning Products

If you don’t want to waste your money by buying the pipe cleaning agents available in the market, you can clean the pipes by combining vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water. First, pour the baking soda, followed by vinegar and boiling water. The best time to use them is at night.

You can follow the tips stated above or get in touch with the drain clearance experts at DTS Drainage for cleaning the drains and pipes during Fall.