Why and How Bio- Drain Cleaners Help?

Whenever you hire a professional drain cleaning agent, you’ll notice that they use chemical-free solutions to clear your drains. Although you might not have paid much heed to the fact, harsh chemicals can harm the drain pipes resulting in leaks and cracks. If you use these chemicals continuously for drain clearance in Sutton, the drain pipes will get eroded over time. They will cause you a fortune when you engage a professional cleaner for unclogging the drain pipes.

On the contrary, bio drain cleaners are a safe option. They are ideal for the maintenance of the drain pipes in the long run. Moreover, you can use it without any professional help if you want to clear a little mess at the opening of the drain pipes. For professional drain clearance in Sutton, you’ll find the agents resorting to bio-drain cleaning services. If you are not aware of the benefits, then read on. 

Advantages of bio-drain cleaning services

Human safety ensured

Either professionals or homeowners, whoever uses the bio-drain cleaners, are protected from the harsh chemical reactions that might otherwise occur from chemical cleaners. Using the chemicals can be a dirty and nasty process, and you have to hire professional cleaners who will wear protective clothing for doing the same. 

No harm to drains

Bio-drain cleaners don’t make any aggressive reaction over the pipes. They are made of bacteria and enzymes and hence quickly reacts and clears the drain clogs. It doesn’t eat away the pipe like the chemicals and changes the wastes into liquid form by keeping the inner walls of the drainage pipe intact. 

Fast and reliable service

With bio drain cleaners, you don’t have to wait for completing the drain cleaning process. It can be done easily. It’s straight away effective. Hence, professionals love using bio drain cleaners; they pour it and wait for an hour. The drain is cleaned completely, and all dirt is cleared. Easy, safe, and a fast option for cleaning drains. Moreover, these cleaners are environmentally preferable as well.

Process of using bio-drain cleaners

Professional cleaning agents are well aware that sing bio-drain cleaners make their job faster. However, if you’re planning on a DIY method, then follow the easy steps to use these cleaners. 

Step 1: Dry out the drain pipes of water. Keep the taps shut for the time being so that no water goes down the pipe for some time.

Step 2: Pour the bio-drain cleaner down the drain pipe and wait for an hour.

Step 3: Keep the water flow in the drain stopped for 2 hours.

Step 4: Repeat step 2 for the next three days; however, you can do it within 30 minutes next time.

Step 5: The clogging and the initial drain dirt will be cleared without any mechanism from your end. 

At DTS Drainage, our experienced team of drain cleaners use chemical-free bio drain cleaners for cleaning services in Sutton. We use expert techniques like high-pressure water jetting and descaling for clearing all types of drain blockages. This is a very fast and effective way, and drains get cleared easily. We at DTS Drainage use the same for the convenience of the customers.