Even a small drainage issue can lead to disruption in your property. It is why experienced plumbers always advice homeowners not to ignore simple plumbing issues like a blocked drain. Neglecting them can make the issue more complicated, and getting it fixed can punch a hole in your pocket. You should immediately get in touch with a reputable company offering drain clearance services if you notice a blocked drain in your house. The plumber will not only repair it but also let you know the common causes of a blocked drain. The objective is to prevent the issue from recurring in the future.

3 Items Which Can Lead To Blocked Drains

  • Baby Wipes

New parents are so messed up dealing with newborns that they often flush used baby wipes down the toilet. The material of the wipes prevents them from dissolving in the toilet as they are specially designed for durability. When these wipes get caught on the pipework or tight bends, they lead to blocked drains. Even if you find the “fine to flush" symbol on the package, flushing wet wipes aren’t advisable.

  • Oil

If you think that oil can easily flow through pipes because of its fluid nature, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Everything greasy and fatty can harm your drain. They generally cling to the drain pipes after they cool down. The coating keeps on accumulating, leading to severe blockages. So, you have to deal with blocked drain pipes frequently if you keep on pouring oil down the drain. Try to get rid of oil clogs using white vinegar and baking soda or hire experienced plumbers for drain clearance in Redhill.

  • Coffee

Do you often pour coffee grounds or coffee down the sink? You might have to face a blocked drain soon. Instead of breaking down, coffee grounds form a mass in water. They keep on accumulating in the drainpipe, leading to blockages. If you are throwing the unused cold coffee down the sink, flush it with extra water. A better alternative is to throw coffee grounds in the garbage with other household wastes.

Since you are now aware of the common household items which can lead to blocked drains, get in touch with experienced drain clearance experts at DTS Drainage.

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