4 Signs of a Blocked Drain That Needs Professional Attention

Drains are the most neglected part of the home. Since drains are covered hence, it is difficult to see the damages that have occurred. However, before the situation gets worse, it is essential to mend the drain as soon as possible. To keep the drain in running condition, you need to be vigilant all the time.  If your drain gets blocked, then approach a professional immediately.

DTS Drainage can help you with expert drain clearance in Banstead. They’ve CCTV survey facilities to check the reasons behind drain blockage. Hiring such professionals will help you clear your drains without damaging the drain pipes.

However, keep your eyes open for these signs of drain blockage. Hire a professional immediately.

Unpleasant odours from the drain

When you start getting unpleasant odours from your nearby drains, remember that it’s time to hire professionals for drain clearance. Generally, the drains may get clogged with food leftovers, dead skin cells, and pest’s leftovers. With time, a foul smell starts emitting from the clogged drains. Don’t ignore it if you start getting the bad smell. The more you ignore, the more damage will be caused.

Gurgling noise from toilet drains

Keep your ears open for gurgling noise coming from your bathroom drains. This noise indicates that there is a grave problem in the sewer system of the bathroom. If you think trying DIY methods would help, then you’re wrong. The gurgling sound also suggests that drain holes are getting chocked with some solid particles. This is the time that you need to hire professional drainage facilities for the drain clearance process.

Leakage of greywater from drains

If you notice grey and dirty water coming out from the pores of the drain, then surely the drain has got clogged inside, and hence the water is back flowing into the premises. This nasty backflow of water can create a mess in the bathroom and house. This might endanger the health of the inhabitants living inside the house. Hence, drain clogging of this kind can be dangerous and harmful. This needs to be fixed with immediate attention.

Accumulation of water on bathroom floors

If your drainage system is working well, you’ll notice a whirlpool motion of the water going down through the hole of the drains. In the case of semi-blockage, you’ll find water getting accumulated on the bathroom floors. On the contrary, if the drain is clear, there will be no such issues. Hence this is a sure shot sign of drain blockage that you should not avoid.