Preventing Blocked Drains In Richmond Has Now Become Easier

If you want to keep your domestic or commercial property in top condition, the first thing you have to consider is the plumbing system. It is your responsibility to ensure that the drain and the sewer system are functioning smoothly. It is a very vital part of every property as you cannot live without them. It is not only about our homes, but even the hotels and offices dispose of a large amount of wastewater daily.

You have to manage it in an effective and hygienic way if you don’t want the drains in your house to become blocked. You don’t have to worry about the drainage if the water is flowing out of the bathroom or kitchen sink smoothly. Preventing blocked drains will become easier if you are aware of the common causes of drain blockage.

6 Common Causes Of Drain Blockage

Odd Items In The Drain Or Sink

A very common reason why toilets get blocked is when we try to flush down materials which don’t break or dissolve in water like diaper, wipes or female hygiene towels. These items accumulate in the drain and clog the pipes. Over time, soap scum, food particles, grease and fat can even build-up on the walls of the drainage pipes in your kitchen and eventually block them.

Soap Scum In Bathroom Drain

It is not only about soap scum, but even hair, dirt and skin flakes can accumulate in the bathroom drain and block it. It is quite normal for soap scum and hair particles to flow into the bathroom drain. They accumulate inside the drain and there is less space for water to flow. Over time, they might block the drains entirely.

Foreign Materials In The Drain

Few common foreign materials which often end up in the drains are stone particles, leaves and debris. They enter the drain and block the drainage system. The pipes in your house can also get blocked if you pour paints or other litter into the drainage system. If you don’t want the drains in your home to become blocked, it is your responsibility to ensure that you don’t throw any foreign material in the drain.

Tree Roots Penetrating The Pipes

Not everyone with trees around their building is aware of the fact that small roots can lead to big problems. Tree roots can travel long distances, especially during drought conditions to find water. Once the roots of big trees find their way into the drain, the pipes can get clogged and eventually break down.

Pipes Freezing

Frequent freezing of pipes is another common reason why they become clogged or get damaged. As the water inside the pipes freezes during winter, the amount of water passing through them reduces. The pipes can become partially or completely blocked. The repetitive freezing and melting process put a strain on the pipes which can lead to permanent damage. If you don’t want to replace the damaged pipes frequently, undertake appropriate maintenance measures.

Wear & Tear

Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of pipes you have recently installed, their quality can deteriorate over time. There are higher chances for drainage pipes to wear out if they lack proper maintenance. Even a minor fault in the drainage system can lead to major blockages.

Since you are now aware of the common causes of blocked drains, it’s time you get in touch with DTS Drainage and preventing blocked drains will become easier.