Some Drain Cleaning Resolutions For New Year

Making New Year’s resolutions is indeed a complicated task for all, especially if they are focused at keeping your drains clean. Since a clogged drain is a nightmare for every homeowner, making a few plumbing resolutions is a must. The best way you can examine the health of the drains in your house is by hiring a plumber. Proper and regular drain maintenance is necessary to avoid expensive drain repairs. Treating the gutters and keep them clean will become easier if you follow all the drain cleaning resolutions you are making on 1st January 2021.

4 Drain Cleaning Resolutions For Homeowners Before The Year Starts

  • Check The Water Heater To Keep The Plumbing System Smooth

The best way you can make the water heater in your house last longer is by hiring a plumber. They are one of the few plumbing appliances which homeowners fail to service on-time. You can expect a new water heater to last for around 10 years without any issue. You can make them last longer with routine maintenance. Plumbers offering drain clearance in Richmond advise draining the appliance at least once every year.

  • Save Water So There Are Less Plumbing Issues

If you are conscious about the environment, start following the 3 R’s. One of them is to reduce the use of water. The more water we save, we can use it for plants and animals. Water is a natural resource and protecting it is our responsibility. Hire a plumber to assess the condition of the plumbing system in your house and they will share a few tips to save water. They might advise you to use low-flow showerheads or water aerators. You can replace the low-flow toilet with a new one. You should also replace leaky faucets once you notice them.

  • Use The Trash Instead Of The Toilet

There are a few homeowners who prefer using the toilet to dispose of small things like candy wrappers and napkins. If you are one of them, start using the toilet instead of the trash. Septic tanks and the sewer system in your house are designed in such a way so that they can handle only two types of waste – human waste and toilet paper. Anything else can clog it. Make it a resolution not to throw everyday items down the toilet.

  • Prepare The Plumbing System For The Cold

If you want the pipes in your home to make it through the next few months without getting damaged, make a resolution to prepare the plumbing system for the cold before the season starts. Once the pipes get clogged, you will realise how inconvenience it has become for you to continue your daily activities. The best way to avoid it is by wrapping them with insulation.

Follow the drain cleaning resolutions stated above and get in touch with DTS Drainage if you ever notice a clogged drain.