Why Should You Choose CCTV Surveys For Drain Clearance

The condition of a newly installed drain deteriorates over time and it might become clogged. The condition of a newly installed drain deteriorates over time, and it might become clogged. Ignoring a clogged drain can make it more complicated. Once you notice one in your home, look for a company offering drain clearance services. DTS Drainage has gained much popularity in the last few years because of its professional CCTV drain survey services. The main objective of the survey is to assess the exact condition of your clogged drains. If you want to make the most of the service, first know how it works.

What Is A CCTV Drain Survey?

It is the method of inspecting the drainage system in your home or office to determine the exact cause. It is an in-depth examination of a drain by inserting specially designed high-tech CCTV cameras inside them. You can view the interiors of the drain clearly and identify the exact issue in it.

Importance Of CCTV Drain Survey

Some of the drain blockages are so complicated that a CCTV drain survey becomes the only tool to assess the exact cause. There are a few homeowners who prefer hiring professionals offering CCTV drain survey before purchasing a new home. They will assess the entire system and ensure that it is good enough. Not only will you get a complete view of the drainage system, but the plumber conducting the survey might even recommend a few necessary repairs.

If you are a home buyer interested in a second-hand property, conduct the survey, and you can negotiate a better price with the seller. You can make a fully-informed decision and buy your dream home without punching a hole in your pocket.

Ensure A Well-Functioning Drainage System With CCTV Drain Survey

There are hundreds of tenants and homeowners undertaking a CCTV drain survey every time they face a home drainage issue. The purpose is to find out the exact cause of the problem. So, if you are experiencing drainage troubles in your home or office, you can consider undertaking a CCTV survey.

Equipment Used During The Survey

Get in touch with DTS drainage and fix an appointment with their plumbers. They have carved a niche in the industry by providing the best drain clearance services in the area with advanced CCTVs. They will visit your property with various equipment and tools to complete the survey efficiently. Two of which have been stated below,

  • Access Rods – These rods are flexible and help to put the CCTV camera inside the drain. Plumbers use it to navigate every corner and turn of the drainage system.
  • Waterproof Cameras – CCTV cameras put inside the drainage system are waterproof and made using state-of-the-art technology. They can operate in tight spaces.

Since you now know why you should choose CCTV surveys for drain clearance, it’s time you get in touch with experienced plumbers.