Some of the most common drain blockage problems

Problems related to blocked drains are a standard affair in every household. It is time-consuming and expensive to resolve these issues and ensure smooth functioning. Hence, it is always advisable to clean and maintain the drains regularly. You can also seek professional help from the company for Drain Clearance in Banstead.  

Recurring drainage problems in every house  

Blocks in the drain openings are not a pleasant surprise. The build-up of grease, dirt, tiny kitchen waste matter and debris from the crockery can cause the openings to clog. Cleaning this is a big hassle. Hence, with proper maintenance, you can save time, effort and money.   

In this article, we have compiled a list of all the common drainage problems and how to solve them efficiently. 

  • Blockage 

The blocks in the drainage system are a common problem that affects every resident. The problem begins gradually, sometimes taking many months before you notice it. Some of the most common matter which gets stuck in the pipes include tea leaves, coffee grind, hair, fat etc.  

So here is what you can do. Depending on the type of pipelines, you can use DIY methods to clean them. For safe and reliable solutions, seek expert advice with no hassle at all.

  • Open or displaced joints 

High traffic, consistent ground movement or instability can be a leading cause behind the displacement of the drain joints. The sewage water can start to leak through the gaps in the pipe and overflow in the surrounding areas. Eventually, you can also notice significant structural damages. The supporting line might break, thus creating another level of hassle.  

The only solution to this issue is replacing the broken pipes which are embedded underground. You have to dig up the ground to replace the pipes and resolve the problem. The professionals conduct the right excavation methods without causing any damage to the structure. They accurately analyze the breadth and depth of the pipes before beginning work. With drain refilling, they repair the pipelines to avoid local problems.

  • Pipe cracks or fractures  

Excessive wear and tear can cause a crack in the drainage pipes, significantly inviting multiple problems one by one. While it is not uncommon, it mostly occurs near the joint areas. The wastewater starts to leak through these fractures, further weakening the ground structure. 

For predictive maintenance, you should always inspect the drainage system to avoid these problems. However, if the problem is severe, taking help from a trained engineer is a wise decision. They examine the patch lining adequately while also checking for other issues if there are any.  

  • Intrusion in the roots 

At times, the tree branches and roots grow deep into the ground and interfere with the placement of the drainage pipes. This causes them to break, and the water starts to leak. The roots also penetrate inside the drains by punching a hole right through them. Consequently, the entire drainage system of the house collapses. It even starts to smell bad with a pungent odour.  

Once the tree root begins to grow, the chance of debris accumulation like fats and tissue papers increases. This way, it automatically hinders the smooth flow of water.

  • Broken pipes 

This is another major problem causing the waste and sewer water to gather within the property itself. The wt ground becomes a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes. It can also form a sinkhole in the ground while also weakening the ground area. In such instances, it is best to consult the drainage expert immediately.

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