Why Is Drain Clearance An Integral Part Of Home Maintenance

There are generally two types of homeowners. While some clean the drains in their house once every month or year, others don’t know why drain cleaning is important. If you belong to the second category, it’s time you hire experts for drain clearance services. A majority of them have years of industry presence and can explain why keeping the drainage system in your home clean is so important. Clean drains will keep your plumbing system happy and healthy and help you save a lot of money in the long run.

What Are Home Drains?

Generally, home drains are horizontal in shape and located either in the basement of your house or are entirely underground. Since they have to endure a lot of wear and tear, they are generally made of copper or heavy cast iron. The main drain receives water from numerous small drains, so preventing drain blockages is a must. They often become blocked due to debris from washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, tubs and sinks. Drain cleaning experts at DTS Drainage generally advice homeowners to clean drains at least once every year. You can include the task in your annual home maintenance schedule.

Top Benefits Of Including Drain Clearance In Your Home Maintenance Schedule

  • Fewer Blockages

Slow drains can become quite annoying at times. The best way you can prevent those is by getting rid of the small clogs in the sink and shower. Instead of using consumer-grade drain cleaners available in the market, hire drain cleaning experts. They know how to prevent a small clog from becoming a major drainage blockage. A common sign indicating a drain blockage is an overflowing toilet. If ignored, it can even burst your sewer lines.

  • Reduce Odour

It is not only about blockages, a clogged drain can even generate foul odour. It generally happens when water can’t go down a clogged drain properly and the plumbing flowing into your home starts generating bad smell. Though it is normal for sewers to have bad odour, it can become a challenge to get rid of the smell once they enter your home. Drain cleaning experts know how to prevent sewage water from entering your home. They might advice you to include drain cleaning in your home maintenance schedule.

  • Clean Home

Since sewer is an underground conduit made to carry off drainage water and waste matter, water in sewer lines generally has bugs and bacteria. Once the drains in your home get clogged and start overflowing, everything present in sewage water starts coming with it. You can prevent bad stuff from the sewer from entering your home if you clean the drains on a regular basis. It won’t even put your family’s health at risk. Choose the right company for drain clearance in Twickenham and you can keep your home and the drains clean at competitive prices.

  • Safe Outdoor Areas

Not only will professional drain clearance services help in keeping your outdoor areas clean but also safe. Poor drainage systems can become a potential hazard both inside and outside your home. A blocked drain means there will be a lot of standing water on your property, especially the outdoor area. This can further lead to dangerous and slippery surfaces, more breeding areas for mosquitoes, soil erosion, mould growth and decaying plants, flowers, and gardens. Get in touch with drain cleaning experts if you ever notice puddles of standing water around your home. They will let you know whether it was caused by a blocked drain.

Since you now know why drain clearance is an integral part of your home maintenance schedule, it’s time you get in touch with DTS Drainage for professional drain cleaning services.